Connection. Sisterhood. Glow.

To Our Fellow Sisters, 

The idea for The Girl’s Club dropped in during a casual Zoom catch up call a few months ago.

You see, we met in Bali, Indonesia back in 2021 and instantly recognized one another as a soul sister. We spent two years together on that island healing together, growing together, and becoming the highest versions of ourselves together. It was a pivotal, life-changing time. 

Even though the Bali chapter of Sisterhood came to a close in 2023 when Zoey embarked on her nomadic worldwide adventure fully led by her intuition, the bond between us has only gotten stronger. 


Alas, this brings us back to the reason for our monthly, magical Zoom hang outs. Each time we drop in and connect, we share what's on our hearts, we offer reflections, we learn from one another, and we leave feeling fired up. We both got the intuitive ping to open up our space and invite more women into these conversations alongside us. We thought to ourselves, if Sisterhood can feel this good, this close, and this nourishing from 9,823 miles away from each other, we must be doing right.  


So, dear goddess, if you are reading this right now, we invite and fully welcome YOU into our sacred space of connection and sisterhood. 

🦋 If you are feeling called to undergo a rebirth, The Girl’s Club is for you

👯‍♀️ If you are desiring that close, inner circle of soul sisters, The Girl’s Club is for you.

💞 If you seek support in navigating your relationships, The Girl’s Club is for you.

🌟 If you are ready to glow from the inside out,  The Girl’s Club is for you.


Come on inside, we’ll be waiting for you.


Grayson & Zoey

Core Conversations Happening Inside

Reclaim Your Identity

Shed old, limiting stories and plan the next era of YOU

Feminine Expression

Discover the art of embracing your boundless radiance

Relationship Dynamics

Harness the full power of your relationships: as a lover, a sister, and for yourself

Healing Through Sisterhood

Receive empowerment, solace, and reflection from your sisters

Bi-Weekly LIVE Teachings

💞  Healthy Relationship Dynamics

🙏🏼  Self Regulation in Triggers

🎤  Communication and Expression

♀  Get in SYNC - Female Hormone Deep Dive

👑  The Structure of Freedom through Devotion

🤩  Awaken and Dream BIG Activation Session

Grow Together, Glow Together ✨

What to Expect Inside

🌹  A 3-Month Goddess Gathering

😍  x6 Bi-Weekly, LIVE Sisterhood Calls

📲   Private Telegram Community 

👯‍♀️  Consistent Sisterhood Support


Say no more, I want in!!

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be meeting virtually a total of 6 times over a 3-month period

The live sisterhood sessions will be held on Mondays, bi-weekly

  • Call 1: Monday, April 8th @ 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern
  • Call 2: Monday, April 22nd @ 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern
  • Call 3: Monday, May 6th @ 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern 
  • Call 4: Monday, May 20th @ 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern
  • Call 5: Monday, June 3rd @ 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern
  • Call 6: Monday, June 17th @ 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern

Here is a link to a timezone converter to check your timezone.

The Girl's Club is a space of inspiration and support. Whether you are in the era of Calling in your King, or already communing with him -- this community is here to show you what's possible and also teach you how to create the life of your dreams.

Not to worry! All members will receive a link to the recordings of the live calls.

Bi-weekly at the designated time all sisters will enter the Zoom call where the session will be held. You can expect opportunities to ask questions and receive guidance from both Grayson & Zoey on each call.

Telegram is a private messaging application where all sisters of The Girl's Club will have the opportunity to connect and receive additional support from Zoey and Grayson. 

As soon as you sign up for The Girl's Club you'll gain access to the private Telegram chat where there will be bonus content already waiting for you! This also gives you the opportunity to receive support & guidance from Grayson & Zoey (meaning you get two weeks for FREE!) 


Are you a FULL BODY YES to join us inside The Girl's Club? 😉 We thought so. Get in now for this unbeatable offer while it still stands.



Complete Access to The Girl's Club!

✨ 6 Live Sisterhood Calls

✨ Private Telegram Group Entry

✨ Surprise bonuses!




Complete Access to The Girl's Club!

✨ 6 Live Sisterhood Calls

✨ Private Telegram Group Entry

✨ Surprise bonuses!


Fulfilling women’s desire for deeper connection, stronger community, and a brighter glow.


She’s like sunshine in human form, but never underestimate her complexity. She effortlessly harmonizes the masculine and feminine energies, while embodying the perfect blend of structure and flow. With a diverse range of talents and a knack for entrepreneurship, Zoey wears many hats and thrives in her versatility while illuminating every path she treads.

Core Values: Freedom, Authenticity, Love

Human Design: 3/5 Projector

Astrology: 🌞 Sagittarius, 🌙 Aquarius, ☝️ Pisces



She's the vibrant soul with a taste for matcha and a passport full of stamps. Half Bali babe, half globe-trotting backpacker, she's full of gratitude for the life of freedom she lives with her partner, Brendan. She loves reinventing herself while honoring what is most authentic to her in the present moment.

Core Values: Authenticity, Love, Depth

Human Design: 1/3 Manifesting Generator

Astrology: 🌞 Gemini, 🌙 Leo, ☝️ Scorpio

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